A quality country club experience involves many types of services provided by the golf staff.  The staff’s mission is to make sure everyone who comes to the club for golf is well equipped and dressed, prepared for play, and instructed in the techniques to make the day fully enjoyable.

The golf professional staff of Bradenton Country Club is dedicated to providing exceptional experiences to all of its members and guests, and below are many of the services that the staff offers.


  • Custom Club Fitting – Clubs work even better if they fit you and your swing. Set up a custom fitting before you purchase new golf equipment. Your score will thank you.
  • Custom Ball Fitting – Golf balls are designed to fit a particular type of swing. Do you know what ball fits your swing? We can fit you.
  • New Club Demo program – We recommend before you buy a new club that you actually try it on the golf course first. We offer a great selection of clubs to use for demonstration purposes. Try to get that service at your off course golf superstore.
  • Rules/Etiquette Advice – Golf has rules and traditions that can be complex and difficult to remember. Our golf professionals are well versed and will educate at a moments notice, especially when a friendly wager is at stake.
  • Club Re-gripping – Did you know that slick grips will cause you to hold the club too tight which can cause slices and topped shots? We recommend that you change your grips every 50 games, or 2 years, whichever comes first. We have the best styles in stock to change your grips overnight, or we can custom order the exact style you desire.
  • Club Repair – Sometimes a club may become broken, whether naturally or by ‘accident’. We can help you repair the damage.
  • Club Name Labels – You don’t lose your clubs on the golf course, but you might know someone who does. Please let them know that we can print name labels for their clubs so when they lose one, the finder can see whose it is and return it promptly.
  • Golf Handicapping System – Handicapping golf makes the game enjoyable and competitive for all skill levels. We use the USGA’s GHIN handicapping system to its full extent. Not only can you track your handicap and scores, but you can see how everyone else is doing as well. Our handicap committee assures all players are using the system properly, which means our competitions are as fair as possible.
  • Reciprocal Golf Arrangements – Sometimes you need help playing a course out of state. Sometimes our course is closed and you would like to play somewhere. Sometimes in the summer you just want to try a different golf course. Our golf professionals can assist you in arranging a tee time, or make arrangements for yourself through BOXGROOVE.COM, where BCC members have a complimentary Premium membership.
  • Interclub Events – We have competitive matches against neighboring country clubs.  Be on the winning team and have fun playing some other local clubs.
  • Hole In One Insurance – Today could be the day. Are you covered? You know the tradition of golf is if you score an ace, you have to buy drinks following the round. Insurance helps you to cover the bar tab. Usual payout is $350-
  • Tee Time Advanced Reservation – We are not a busy course, but there are times when you need to have a specific starting time. Golf members can make reservations in advance by speaking to one of the golf professionals.
  • Online Tee Time Reservation Booking – All members with golfing privileges can utilize the online tee time reservation system from the comfort of wherever they might be. It is easy and convenient, and you can see who else might be playing.
  • Tee Time Pairing – Looking for a game. Let our staff help pair you up with someone you would enjoy golfing with.
  • Golf Event Travel – Ever wanted to play tournament golf in exotic locations like Europe or Las Vegas? Join our golf professional on a trip that promises to be the trip of the year.
  • Shoe Spike Changing – Before you slip while swinging at a golf ball, make sure your spikes still have spikes. Remember what they looked like when the shoes were new? That’s the way they need to be to help your game.
  • On-Course Assistance – Occasionally you may need some kind of assistance while you are on the course; maybe a message delivered, golf balls brought out, a new pair of shoes, warn us of a streaker running down the fairway. Give the shop a call and we will do our best to assist.
  • Pace of Play Management – Everyone comes to the course to enjoy their day, and when your pace of play doesn’t match the others on the course, there will be unhappy golfers. We don’t want unhappy golfers. The golf staff recognizes the importance of a good pace of play as well as knowing that everyone does not possess the same exact pace. The staff will encourage players to speed up if they are playing at a pace over 1 hour 45 minutes for 9 holes.  Best rule of thumb.  ‘Keep pace with the group in front of you, not the one behind you.”
  • Golf Club Trade-In Program – Get rid of those old clubs. We can even give you some credit for them. Buy new from us and we will give you fair trade value for your old clubs.
  • Merchandise Gift Wrapping – Don’t use newspapers as gift wrap? Let us wrap it for you with our fancy golf type wrapping paper. The gift is going to be great, so the wrapping should match.
  • Golf Outings and Events – Sometimes all your friends and family are in town and you want to have a golf outing. Sometimes you want to entertain all of your employees, or you want to raise funds for a charity. We can help you organize a great golf outing for any size group you may have.


  • Bag Drop.  We provide curbside bag handling at our bag drop. Just pull up to the bag drop and one of our staff will be right with you to handle your golf clubs.
  • Bag Storage – Store your clubs here at the club in our bag storage facility. Your clubs will be stored clean, and brought out to you any time you need them.
  • Club Cleaning – Our staff uses state of the art club cleaning tools to remove all the old divots, bunker sand and debris from your clubs grooves and crannies so the next time that you play your clubs are professionally prepared to play their best game possible.
  • Rental Clubs – Sometimes your guests may need a set of golf clubs when they visit. We have just the set for them. Whether men’s or ladies, righty or lefty, we offer a set for their enjoyment.
  • Push Cart Rentals – Feel like walking the course? We have ‘Bag Boy’ brand push carts available for rent. All the fun of walking without the sore back from carrying.
  • Push Cart Storage – Save some room in your car’s trunk. Store your personal push cart here at the club. It will always be here for you when you need it most.  We even have electric storage areas for your motorized push cart.
  • Towels on Carts – We provide freshly cleaned towels on the carts for your comfort. Clean, dry towels for cleaning yourself or for cleaning your clubs.
  • Tees on Carts – Ever tried to hit a driver without a tee? Hit the ball farther by using one of the tees we supply on each and every golf cart.
  • Practice Range Balls – Everyone should practice to improve their enjoyment of the game, and we provide the areas and golf balls to help you. Its your own fault if you do not utilize them. We even pick them up when you are done.
  • Practice Range Club Cleaners – Don’t practice with dirty clubs. It will ruin the grooves. Use the club cleaners at the practice areas to keep your clubs shiny.
  • Cups of Water and Ice – Prior to play on the warm days the staff will make sure you are hydrated by providing cups of ice and water on your golf cart.
  • Bag Handling – Change your mind of who is riding with whom? Let one of our staff help move the clubs to the proper carts for you.
  • Bag Tags – Show everyone your club affiliation with one of our fancy bag tags.
  • Scorecards – Keep score officially with one our scorecards. Have a special game that needs a special card with handicaps, let our pro staff print them for you.
  • Divot Sand – A good shot can result in a divot. Don’t let your friends behind you end up in your divot. Fill the divot with the sand provided on the golf carts.

***Tips are appropriate for exceptional service.

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