Date: January 7, 2021
Time: 12:30 pm

The Derby – The fastest hole in Golf

The winners of each flight and a wildcard (the lowest team score for 18 holes not winning their flight and turning their card into the scoring table before 4:30 pm) will compete in a team Horserace Derby following the awards presentation of the Team Game.  The Derby will be a 1-hole True Alternate Shot of the foursome.  The team order will be decided by lot.  Teams choose the player rotation. The winning team will be decided by both score and by the time it takes to play the hole from tee shot until ball is holed.  Each stroke is equal to 30 seconds.  Ball must be stopped prior to next player hitting.  All players must take a club owned cart by themselves.  All teams will tee off from the ‘63’ tees. Carts must follow normal cart restriction rules or be subject to a 10 second penalty.

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