1. DUES.  Membership dues ($60 annually), entry fees and other expenses of the Association (October 1 through April 30) shall be determined by the Executive Board.  Only members who have paid dues may participate in any event sponsored by the Association.  Half-year dues will be accepted on or after February 1, only for new club members joining the Women’s Golf Association.
  2. GIFTS AND MEMORIALS.  An amount will be included in the budget to pay for the following:
    a. Gift for the outgoing President who has completed two years in office.  (The 1st Vice President purchases)
    b. Gifts for the Golf and Wait staff will be presented at Christmas.
    c. A Memorial Contribution Fund may be collected and given on behalf of the WGA for active members who have passed away.
  3. ANNOUNCEMENTS.  The bulletin boards in the Pro Shop and in the Ladies Lounge will be used for posting scores and special announcements.
  4. CONTINUITY OF OPERATIONS.  Each Officer, Standing Committee Chairman and Special Assistant is responsible for passing records on to her successor (through the outgoing and incoming Presidents) no later than April 30.  The incoming President shall select and announce committees for the following year.
  5. LADIES DAY.  Tuesday is Ladies Day at BCC.  Tuesday play may be canceled, discontinued or suspended by the Tournament Chairman after    conferring with the Golf Pro.
  6. PUTTING RULES.  Complete all putts on Tuesday unless otherwise announced.
  7. ESTABLISHED HANDICAP REQUIRED.  Each member is required to have an established handicap to participate in any event sponsored by the Association.  The maximum handicap allowed is 42 (36 in major tournaments.)  A temporary handicap may be assigned a new member by the Golf Pro.
  8. POSTING SCORES.  Each member of the Association is required to submit all completed score cards (properly ADJUSTED AND ATTESTED) to the Pro Shop on Tuesdays.
  9. HOLE-IN-ONE CLUB.  The Hole-in-One Club is limited to official Ladies Day Play only.  All dues paying members will be included ($1.00 of dues paid) in the Hole-in-One Club.   The Hole-in-One monies will only be given out at the end of the year.  If there is more than one Hole-in-One in a given year, the monies will be divided equally.  If no one has had a Hole-in-One the monies will roll over to the next year.
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