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What’s all the “Buzz” at Bradenton Country Club

The bees have been busy at Bradenton Country Club! We now are producing and selling 6 ounce jars of 100% raw honey that comes straight from our golf course. The honey will continue to be produced every 4-5 months, as we have colonies on holes #2 and #17. In addition, by the end of 2021, we are expected to produce a total of 400lbs! The supplies are always limited, so be sure to check our social media and your emails for honey updates!

Coastal Honey Bees, the company who supplies our bees, started as one former Golf Course Superintendent discovering a part time hobby and part time life after leaving the golf industry. Their mission is to introduce Honey Bees to many Country Clubs, showing how both benefit the environment. Golf and Honey Bees certainly help each other out, as Coastal Honey Bees have provided the First Green Project with education on the environment and health benefits of honey, rescuing Honey Bees, and providing local honey to the Country Club and it’s members!

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